Monday, May 23, 2011

I've moved!

I suppose there's no better time to post this - I just wanted to wait until my domain address* was definitely working.

I moved over to Wordpress (I just liked it better, always have, actually - I'm still not sure why I ended up here anyway). The hiccups that Blogger's been having lately didn't make me too happy with blogging here. I'm still getting things settled there and I have yet to put up any new posts (but I'm working on them so, soon! Very soon. As in, I hope by late tomorrow, because that's nearly a week and a half with nothing new. Whoops). Also, I need to figure out how to get Google Friend Connect going on there - I know there's a way. Okay, so researching it now, I can't do it since I have an upgraded site and not site. Booo. They need something similar to it. :/ (And I still have to set up my blogroll, too. AUGH.)

Anyway - new address is,
if you're still interested in following me. :D (I finally got BlogLovin set up on there!)

I plan on expanding a bit more (not just makeup and books - I'm actually working on a review right this very second for a book I love, so I didn't forget that part at all - but also fitness and one of these centuries, I'll probably get into fashion/style as I learn more about it and attempt to . And some techy stuff too - I have too many video games and programs I want to gush about. And etcetera and so forth). So I guess it's more of a general life blog? With lots of appearances of makeup (because I just like it too much for it not to be a focus)? Something like that. I still haven't clearly worked out everything yet.

But yeah. I've moved. Things are still getting sorted out over there but I'm working at it. :D :D Come visit me over at if you so wish! 8D

** - yeah, I'm very easily amused.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Silk Naturals swatches!

And hi. You know one thing that's really super-useful to have if you're a beauty blogger? Batteries for your camera. Oh, yes. This is why I haven't been posting for a while - I put my batteries on my charger, and someone (don't know who. Maybe it was the fairies) made off with them, and I only got new ones a few days ago. So, there you go.

Anyway. I finally got around to doing these! These are swatches of Silk Naturals' dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I always kinda wanted the Naked Palette, since I was lacking in neutral shades and thought it'd be a good way to add to my collection. And then it was never in stock for like four months at Sephora. I was happy that SN decided to dupe the shades. :D

It's a lot bigger if you click the picture!

Scout - bronzey-medium-brown. Metallic.
Colt - almost-dark brown. Satin.
Restless - semi-sheer light yellow-y brown. Metallic. (This one is more of a highlight shade on me.)
Caliber - semi-sheer light gold. Metallic. (Also more a highlight shade on me.)
Blue Steel - pearly deep blue/grey/black. Pearl.
Stag - medium brown. Matte. (I am also forever calling this one Buck, which I think is the UD shade that it's a dupe for.)
Magnum - black with silver sparkle. Matte + sparkles.
Action - medium brown. Satin.
Bare Back - tan brown. Matte.
Loaded - pinkish brown. Metallic.
Saddle Up - medium brown. Metallic.
Trouble - semi-sheer champagne. Metallic. (Also-also comes out as a highlight shade.)

Er. Yeah. That's a lot of medium browns listed, but they're not quite dark enough to be considered "dark brown", and they don't really fit under light, so that's where they're going.

I actually have no idea how close these are to the originals, since I have never seen the Naked Palette in the wild. But I overall like the shades, so it's okay. :D

All swatches done over original Urban Decay Primer Potion, using a Quo Smudger brush. No flash. Natural light.

My personal favourites are Blue Steel (it's a blue! That I actually like and that actually looks decent on me! Never thought I'd see the day that would happen!), and Bare Back, which while it's kinda boring, it works for a really nice and simple lid shade.

Each shadow is $4 USD, but you can also get them in a set for $36 USD.

Friday, March 25, 2011

EOTD: You never notice how much you miss your m key...

Until the day it stops working. Yeah. Part of my keyboard died earlier the week, so I spent a few days making more typos than I usually do. Made me not want to write a thing until I could finally replace it (which I did yesterday).

Anyway. Hey, look, it's a few pictures of my disembodied eye. :D I'm rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy, and I saw C-3PO and was like, "I should do something gold! :D :D". And then this happened. Oh dear.

Used in this look:
L'Oreal e/s - Lush Raven (in the crease and outer v)
Covergirl e/s - Golden Sunrise (lid)
From left to right, bottom row:
Silk Naturals e/s - Caliber (lid)
Silk Naturals e/s - Scout (crease, outer v)
Silk Natural e/s - Restless (just a touch on the inner v and on the browbone with a fluffy brush)
Morgana Cryptoria e/s - Buried Treasure (just a bit on the middle of the lid)

Not pictured:
Maybelline Colossal Volum' mascara in Glam Black
The Body Shop Brow Kit in 02
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

I didn't do the rest of my face because I'm just hanging around the house today - even skipped the undereye concealer (and I'm actually surprised that in these shots I don't look that panda-eyed, because my undereye shadows are a deep purple/blue and have been since I was a little thing, and they're barely visible here).

... no, my camera didn't wash out the colours. Golden Sunrise basically insta-faded and took everything I put on top of it with it and then started to migrate up and crease (this was taken about half an hour after I put it on). ._. With all of those shadows, only two are actually visible (Lush Raven and Scout) That's... new. I usually get excellent wear from the SN shadows, so I found this a little disconcerting.

Golden Sunrise is basically my oldest shadow - I think I bought it when I was fifteen (and I'm twenty-four now). I somehow remember it working better than that, but that was long before I discovered mineral makeup, and I have nicer golds and oranges now, but I dug that one out just because it's been so long since I used it last. Sorry, Golden Sunrise, but you may get tossed soon.

Also, Lush Raven looks barely used, because it is. Heh. I decided I needed to start using it before I go and buy Sugarpill's Bulletproof because well, I may as well make sure I actually use black eyeshadow before spending more money on stuff I may not use. It's more of a deep charcoal grey than a black though.

Also - it's snowing today. Augh. Wearing Arcana's Shiver perfume oil felt fitting for a day like today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Um. Hi?

Remember me? I used to blog here, and randomly stopped last month. Uh. Yeah. Long story short, stuff happened. And I'm supposed to be job searching, and I've done a horrid job at doing so.

Anyway - I haven't abandoned this blog! Actually, it's in need of a new layout, I think. This current one's a bit dark for my liking. I'm thinking of maybe soft light orange, pink/coral, and white (with black or dark grey for text), but it's going to take me a while to maneuver around Blogger's code, so it's going to be a while before a new layout is up. But that is coming.

And new posts!
- Swatches of Silk Naturals' UD Naked Palette dupes
- some Hi-Fi shadows
- NYX round lipstick swatches
- Morgana Cryptoria swatches
- I am supposed to be on a no/low-buy (did I ever mention that my makeup collection tripled within the year that I discovered MMU? Yeaaaaaaah. That's why. I need to sort out what it is that I really use and like, and pretty much only buy the must-haves, and new tubes of mascara for a while), and I barely use what I have. So I'm thinking of doing something like what's going on at Painted Ladies with their 365 Days of Eyeshadow. Maybe that'll give me some reason to actually wear some of the shadows I have - I need to take pictures for the blog!
- My sad attempts at trying to review Arcana perfume oils and BPAL perfume oils
- book reviews are eventually coming because I want to natter on about books. However, I just spent a month unable to do anything and even finishing a single book took me a week (it was about the length of a category romance. Those things usually take me less than an hour), so again, I'm still trying to get back into actually reading, let alone babbling about stuff in the books.
- Kindle review!
- Stuff. Other stuff. I can't think of precisely what right now, but there are other stuff that I eventually get around to post.
- an About page. I really should do that. Like. Really.

But yeah. I haven't entirely disappeared, just... went quiet for a while. But I'm mostly back. I think.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty from the Earth swatches!

So, a few weeks back, Beauty from the Earth had a Try BftE sale for a weekend, where one could get four samples and one full-size for like... $10 or so. I found out about it from some of the people on Twitter, and decided to go for it.

My five choices were Pinked (a blush) and the shadows Very Vanilla, Sweet 'n' Spicy, Whimsey, and Big Ego.

I'm trying out the "neutral lighting" setting on my camera, please tell me if it looks absolutely awful. It doesn't look as yellow as it used to, but my computer's monitor could be wrong. There's actually no level-messing-around-with on this photo, so it does look a touch dull, but I just wanted to see how it would actually look by itself.

Pinked: a light, nearly-matte baby pink with a hint of sparkle.
Sweet 'n' Spicy: a pink (I was expecting it to be more of an orangy-coral and much brighter, because that's how it looks on the site) with an almost metallic finish.
Big Ego: a deep purple with a hint of black. Shimmery.
Whimsey: Don't know why it looks gold in this picture, it's more of a sparkly brassy bronze in real life and super pretty.
Very Vanilla: matte off-white. It's on a black base because otherwise, you would not be able to see it. Apparently, it's almost exactly the colour of my skin. This was also my full-size shadow.

Very Vanilla was swatched over Quo's Cream Liner in Black Velvet, the other three shadows were over Pixie Epoxy, and Pinked was dry (but a kinda heavy application).

I haven't had a chance to actually use these, but I sorta like the fact that Very Vanilla is so close to my skin's colour. It may not be the most exciting colour ever, but it's probably one of the more useful, at least for making looks appear more neat and not messy. :D

I also like Whimsey and Pinked (I probably will get full-sizes of both, unless Pinked looks horribly off on my face, but so far it looks to be a good shade for me), but I think I may have dupes for Big Ego and Sweet 'n' Spicy already. :/ Alas.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Hand Washes the Other holiday scents!

You see that little penguin eraser? My cat loves playing with it. I have to hide it from her. Silly kitty.

Yes, this is late. Because I have no sense of time. And more of my completely unhelpful scent descriptions! 8D

Please note that the notes I notice are just what comes through on me. It'll be different for everyone, because that's the way perfume oils are - they mix differently with each person's chemistry.

Chestnuts Roasting: Kinda smells like a cookie. A vanilla cookie, with a bit more depth to it. But definitely a cookie. It's sweet and smells like you just wandered into the kitchen when someone is baking sugar cookies or something along those lines. I can just detect the rum note in there, but it takes a little while to show up. It's sweet and homey, and just a cute scent.

Ghost of Christmas Past: Admittedly, I bought this because of the Christmas Carol reference (A Christmas Carol is by far my favourite Christmas-y thing ever), but it's a lovely fragrance - very sort of a cold lilies, like someone bought a boquet of flowers but left them outside in the snow and the scent froze (I... don't think scents can actually freeze, but let's just go with that description). I can't quite tell what the other floral notes are, but there's definitely others (I'm just more familiar with lilies, and that's what I notice the most.

Peppermint Cocoa: This smells exactly like some tea I have (Mint Chocolate tea from Britannia Teas, by the way). Exactly. (Yes, I like it, it was just funny to find that the two scents were identical.) Mint and cocoa, and that's about it.

And A Patridge in a Pear Tree*: I really love this one - it's a bright cheerful pear scent with a bit of something green to it. This could easily be a year-round sort of scent. It's fruity, and very true to a real pear scent. Not sickly sweet. I wear it multiple times a week.

Yuzu*: Somewhat similar to AAPIAPT, in that it's also a bright cheerful fruity scent (so if you don't manage to get the limited edition one, you could get this one instead). I don't really know what a real yuzu actually smells like (I've never encountered one), so I have no idea if this is true to life or not.

Balsam Apple*: er. Pine trees and apples. Kinda self-explanatory. Considering it's a pine scent, and I tend to find pine-y scents kinda... too outdoorsy, if that makes any sense, I actually quite like it. There's also a touch of other fruity notes in there, but they kinda disappear on me.

Wear time is about the same as the previous order - approximately six hours. Again, this would probably be different mattering on the person.

These are still available at One Hand Washes the Other, but only until the end of January. I think they're about $3.50 CAN each. The list with all of the scent notes are here

* indicates sample. Totally wasn't expecting the fullsize of A Patridge in a Pear Tree, though. Thanks again, Becca! :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Gallifrey.

That would be my new computer. :D (Also, hello awkward reflection of me being awkward. And the mess on one side. xP Sorry about that. And I was watching Supernatural when I took that shot.) :D It's part of the reason why I've been missing for a while - I keep forgetting that I don't have everything I used to use installed on Gallifrey here (including the fonts I used to use for the graphics on this blog!), and I'm still working on that.


Stuff! Right, there's stuff.

First off, I got this little blog award from Leira Yann. Thank you! :D

So, apparently, I'm supposed to say seven things about me. Um. 'Kay. Let's see.
1. I am a university dropout. I was initially going to do linguistics, then it became English, and then it was very nearly English with a minor in History. It took me an extraordinarily long time to realise that I am utterly awful at writing essays, for one thing, and that it was very unlikely I was going to get a job remotely relating to anything that wasn't teaching (and I am not a good candidate for teaching). So I quit after two years, and started at a trade school (we just call it college over here) afterwards.
2. When I play video games, I tend to get completely wrapped up in it (which is why I often start babbling about my Pokemon progress on Twitter), and will often play for days on end. I have only finished two games ever, however, in my life. I often get half to three-quarters done and give up/get distracted by something else.
3. I am an unabashed lover of genre fiction. My favourites are fantasy (specifically in the urban fantasy realm... if you hadn't noticed by what I've reviewed here already), and romance, and sci-fi and horror are a bit lower down the list.
4. I am a very very wordy person (as any of these blog posts will prove). I am actually not chatty at all in real life, however.
5. I have never lived outside my province. And Canada is a biiiiig place, so I wouldn't even know where to start.
6. I have far too much tea around. I keep forgetting to drink it, however. I do love the stuff. Just... I'm forgetful. I am very absent-minded at times.
7. I really only like the in-between seasons, spring and fall (especially fall). Winter is too cold (ice. How I despise, loathe ice. Don't care for snow much either, but it's the ice that I can't stand. Probably because I have injured myself on it and no one's created magical ice melting boots yet) and summer is too humid.

I'd do a list of other bloggers to do this meme, but I've seen it going around for the last week or so, so I think almost everyone's been tagged already at least once!

And of course, the list of upcoming things!
  • Swatches of: 6 NYX Round lipsticks and 2 NYX Girls lipglosses; Morgana Cryptoria lipstick and eyeshadow (just one of each). I've had to wait because I of course got a breakout right near my mouth last week, so swatching that isn't the best idea right now. It would've been done earlier otherwise.

  • Reviews of: OHWTO Christmas scents (I really need to get this one up first because well, they're soon not going to be available); Arcana scents
  • ; maybe a few brush reviews, since I have some from Coastal Scents, Quo and Ecotools.
  • Book reviews. Uh... whenever I get around to actually writing them? I've been in something of a reading slump, and half of the time, can't be bothered to pay attention to a book lately (even though I'm almost forcing myself to, because I've got a lot of books out from the library, and I hate bringing them back without even opening them).

So. Yeah, that's as much as I can think of right now. :D