Friday, June 18, 2010


Ignore the terrible, terrible layout - I am working on a new one. This is just a placeholder until I get something sorted out.

Anyway, just as a first post since I've had this sitting around for a good few months, this is actually supposed to be a blog and I really do mean to post to it. Life just... got the better of me.

Okay, so this is going to be a... I'm not sure, actually. It's a blog. Durr. Probably makeup reviews (and sometimes E/FOTDs, if I ever learn how to take a picture of my face that doesn't make me look rather inebriated when I am in fact not. I am not the most particularly photogenic person out there). Book reviews (and squeeing). Blah blah blah. Other things that I will make up my mind about later. (Which, yeah. I know. Doesn't particularly sound too interesting, but I hope this little corner of the Internets will eventually become more interesting than... this. Because a plain white blog that has been bare for something like six months is a little sad. Hopefully, I should have a few posts proper by the end of next week. 8D