Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gosh Velvet Touch liner swatches

First proper swatch post. Just saying, but making swatches is a bit more difficult than it looks - trying to get the light right and the angle and settings and then my camera decides to turn flash back on after I set it without flash... arg.
Anyway. Right. So, I only have four GOSH liners at the moment, but I figure because the GOSH website's swatches look so little like the actual shades, having a few more real-life pictures can't hurt.

(Top row, L-R: Green Devil, Purple Stain
Bottom row, L-R: Copper Girl, Golden Moss)

This was taken under artificial light and then a soft light layer added to it to brighten it up a bit, but this matches what I see.

Green Devil is a matte medium green. It goes well with nearly any green I've paired it with.

Purple Stain is a matte medium purple, leans slightly pink. It applies slightly lighter than the other three colours here.

Copper Girl is a shimmery orangey-red copper. (Very red. I can't really wear it without something patted over because that precise shade can make me look sick if I'm not careful. I didn't realise this until after I had bought it.)

Golden Moss is a shimmery olive-y golden green. Until I got Green Devil, this was my go-to shade for any eye look that had green, gold, or brown. It works well with any of those shades.

I find that these liners apply well - I tend to wear them on my lower waterline (even though I think you're not supposed to... um... yeah), and I rarely find them migrating off too much or fading. (I should note, I don't have very oily eyelids, or very oily skin in general. This will obviously be different for everyone.) They don't tug at the skin and they aren't hard. They each cost about $14.

All products were bought by me, and this is a personal opinion.

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