Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh noes.

Somehow, with nearly ten years of wearing makeup, I managed to escape the tiny tragedy that befalls all makeup wearers - their favourite (or really really expensive, or both) eyeshadow pan shatters/pigment jar spills.

Guess what happened to me yesterday? Oh yes. Of course. My little itty bit of luck had officially run out. Now, it could also be the universe's way of saying "CLEAN YOUR DRESSER ALREADY NOTHING CAN FIT THERE ANYMORE YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF ON THERE THAT YOU DON'T USE AT ALL" (which is totally plausible - there is an alarmingly amount of stuff there that I never touch), but either way, I am a wee bit sad.

The victim was my mini jar of Fyrrinae's Titania shadow - a lovely soft satiny light pink with a slight blue glow. I have been using it as a browbone and that spot where the nose and eye socket join (I somehow always manage to get lid shadow all over the place there and it drives me nuts) shadow for the last little while - it's pretty close to my skin colour, so it's not too out there. And it tipped. All over the dresser.

All hope was not lost! About half landed into a tissue that had been lying around (told you I need to clean the dresser - there's random stuff everywhere), so I managed to funnel that back into the pot. There's a nice bit still stuck to the tissue that I can use for a while, swiping my brush directly off the tissue itself. But there's a quarter that's just... all over the place (at least it wasn't a full jar? D: I was planning on getting a fullsize of that one anyway, this just means I'll be getting it sooner since there's more of it gone now. Heh. But something that's basically three times that amount? Eeh. What a mess. Now I know why some people freak out when their MAC pigments spill). Sadface.

I guess this is one of the hazards of makeup application - every now and again, things just decide to fall apart. Or explode. I'm actually surprised it took this long (I am crazy clumsy and am generally a danger to myself), since if there's anything remotely stupid someone could do, I've probably managed it at least once. But no, all of my eyeshadow pans over the years have remained surprisingly intact. Until now. Blarg.

(I suppose this means I need to clean my dresser. Which I really should do. Seriously, I never use most of it, and I'm not even sure why I have it.)
(Why, yes, I am this overdramatic all the time, why do you ask?)

((Also, I have been absent from this blog because 1) I've been trying to finish up some other writing that I want to have completed by the end of the month - I've been ridiculously behind on my WriYe goals, and 2) we had a hurricane blow through and I spent most of this past Tuesday following the #igornl hashtag on Twitter all day - when I wasn't without power. So. Yeah.))

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