Thursday, September 30, 2010

Swatches! Aromaleigh

I don't have that much of Aromaleigh - I only started buying from them just before everything started to shut down, so there isn't that many here. And considering that they're doing clearance right now, I figure that now's as good a time as ever to post swatches (since, uh, there'll be little point to do so once the shop closes up completely).


Ophelia is a soft shimmery baby pink colour.
Heartleaf is a goldish-green shimmer that kinda looks olive in some lights, but it's mostly gold-green.
Aurelie is a rich bronze brown, and rather metallic with some sparkle.
Strawberry Despair is a strawberry red with some sparkle (and my swatch there didn't come out that well - it was the first one of the batch, sorry it smudged).

All applied dry, no 'shopping (I actually got some decent light for a change, and I'm trying out different settings on my camera).

Mineral Shimmers:

Starbright is a sheer candy pink (I have no idea why it caked on like that).
Nightbright is a sheer mint green.

Applied dry, no 'shopping. Both images can be enlarged, and they're kinda big.

And now my arm is covered in sparklies.

I bought all products shown here.

[edit 10/9/2010: had to shrink the pictures because they were HUGE.]


  1. Oh I kjust find your blog today, and I like it so much! I am make up junkie and a geek myself, so you just feel so similiar.
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  2. :D Nice to meet you, and thank you for commenting! (I don't log into Blogger everyday and it was quite a surprise to see a follower.) Hooray, I have a follower! :DDDD