Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am really good with excuses.

Yeah, so that list of things that I said I was going to post? Going to have to be put off for a little bit. My midterm is this weekend and I'm busy playing catchup with my assignments for the course (the reason for this is I wasn't enrolled in my course until it was nearly two weeks late - which means that I had four weeks to do six weeks worth of work. It's a distance course, I'm not physically in a classroom, but there is still a ridiculous amount of work. Once I finish these, I still have to do forum discussions and do a follow-along example question per chapter, each of which is at least five pages). I do actually have most of the reviews done, I'm just missing pictures right now, so they don't have that much more to be added.

So. Yeah. I am a busy little creature, but I have schoolwork to do instead. ): At least once I finish this, I'll be caught up and won't have to do 2 assignments a week anymore. Sure, I'll have NaNoWriMo to deal with, but I have developed habits to make everything pretty productive during that month (I'm still trying to figure out how I completed NaNo last year with six courses that I could barely keep up in. o_o), so hopefully posting shouldn't be too bad, but now it just means that all of my Hallowe'en posts will be delayed so they won't be going up until after the collections have been taken down. xP Stupid timing there, me.

I did have an EOTD from a few days ago that I decided against posting because my blending skills (I have new brushes! I just still need to figure out how to make them work!) are laughable. (Just saying, but Hi-Fi's Dark Carnival and Spookshow actually go together really nicely, which surprised me. I just need to work on my blending.)

So. Yeah. There you go.

... this is a really long post for what it's actually about. Why am I so wordy? D:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Posts to come!

Posts to come in the next week or two weeks or so:
  • Fyrinnae swatches! (I have this about half done, so... you know.)

  • Book review of Mercedes Lackey's The Faerie Godmother!

  • If Canada Post ever gets my more recent stuff to me (they seem to be stupidly slow this last week), swatches of four Meow eyeshadows (I bought two from Alien Abduction, and two from Dance of Death), and a mini-review on Haus of Gloi

  • One Hand Washes the Other Fall/Hallowe'en scent review!

  • Lethal Lather review!

  • Perhaps a NaNoWriMo post? Since I'm doing that this year (just like every year for the last eight...)

So. Yeah. I have stuff planned. I think.
(I should make this a regular thing, because if not, I'm going to forget what I was planning on doing.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Nightmare 2010 swatches!

(Trying to get these in before Blogger disables image uploads for a while today.)

I actually managed to do neat swatches, you guys. :D (And then I accidentally applied all of these wet because my brush wasn't yet dry from washing it. Durr.) The lighting wasn't the best (it was a cloudy day when I took these pictures), but they still came out pretty good, I think.

Personally, I really love Spookshow, Lords of Salem, and Dark Carnival (which is weird, because I usually don't care much for blue shadows since I'm blue-eyed and it's really easy to screw up pairing blue shadows with blue eyes, but I think this one is going to be super-workable because of the dark grey-blue base), but they're all pretty wonderful shades. (And with the free samples I got, I love Punk Rocker and Silver Bells. Especially Punk Rocker. I'm going to have to look into getting a full-size of that one.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Review: Something From the Nightside, Simon R. Green

The Nightside is not a pleasant place. It's somewhere in England, though where precisely is unclear. And all you ever fear exists there. All the ghosties and ghoulies walk around and are somehow mostly cordial with each other. Mostly. Okay. Not really, but they are better behaved in this book than you'd expect, though they also spend much of their time being creepy and dangerous. It's somewhere that normal people should never ever be, in any case.

And then there is John Taylor. Seemingly normal, something of a specialist and a detective. He's come back to the Nightside - not because he wants to, but because someone is lost and they need to be found, and he's the only detective that can do it.

But John's not normal. Not at all. He has a very very special talent, something extremely helpful to any detective. He can find anything. Absolutely anything. A lost person, a forgotten dream, bullets in a gun, tangible or intangible, it doesn't matter. He calls it his Gift, though it is as much a gift as it is a curse. He's also constantly trying to escape the Nightside, though things always manage to drag him back.

He gets a visit from a scared (and wealthy - the wealthy part is very important) mother asking if he can help her find her daughter. If there's one thing John's good at, it's finding someone or something. But the problem is - the daughter was lost in the Nightside. That's never a good sign.



I like this one much better. :D (Needed a bit of help from Blogger Buster because I occasionally forget where things are when it comes to Blogger's templates.) I think this is a bit easier on the eyes than the last layout. I liken the whole "I need a new layout! D:" stage I went through to getting a new house, and being uncomfortable with having people over to visit because it doesn't look like it's yours yet - it needs new paint, new colour schemes, etc., but you don't have all of the time in the world, so you choose a couple of colours you're comfortable with and promise yourself you'll fix it up later. That's... kinda what was going on here (I actually created this blog in like January, which will tell you just how long it's taken me to do anything with it. ._.)

Spent the weekend working on a Java assignment that just did not want to work (nothing more frustrating than a program telling you that there was a character not typed in... when it was there anyway and I had typed it in over and over and it was just like "ERROR: NO SYMBOL FOUND. WILL NOT COMPILE". Hate Java sometimes. Rawr), so this is why it took so long for me to get around to this. Sometimes school gets in the way.

In any case, coming up (as in, before the end of the week)!:
  • Swatches from Hi-Fi Cosmetics' Nightmare 2010 collection!

  • Something from the Nightside review!

Friday, October 15, 2010

EOTD: I can't think of anything witty.

I seem to be over my flu-like illness (yesterday... had way too much energy and didn't know what to do with myself. Ended up being awake until nearly 3 AM. o_o).

And then I unexpectedly got asked to work today (I currently work as a substitute library tech at a little public library - when I get work, it's at random). (Of course, by doing that, I've still got half an assignment to finish up tonight, because work was busybusybusy and I had no downtime to work on it.)

I have no idea how my eyeliner looks so... worn. O_o It shouldn't look that bad. And I swear my mascara is not that clumpy. Also, whut at the messy glasses. I need to learn to clean my glasses after eyemakeup and before taking a picture. Also, it's a little messy, but it's better than the fail that I did on Thanksgiving, heh (I've got brushes on the way that are actually intended for the crease instead of trying to do it with a smudger brush. Yes, that's what I'm using right now. :/).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


(... I had to. I'm sorry. I know some of you are just like me and wanted to throw your boomerang at Navi when she started that in Ocarina of Time.)

Just found out that Shiro Cosmetics is releasing a Legend of Zelda collection. Seriously. I've been meaning to check them out because of the fact that - hey, Pokemon-inspired colours (SoulSilver and Diamond have been my favourite games as of recently)! Just hadn't managed to figure out all of the shades I wanted to try. But this? I most definitely have to get these. HAVE TO. I think my main colours I want to try (as of right now) are Ganondorf, Kokiri Forest, Master Sword, and Hearts. This will probably change. And possibly get longer. Okay, I want most of it but I'm trying to narrow it down at the moment. Heh.

And now I want to restart my game of Phantom Hourglass (it's been a long time I played that and I don't remember where I was anymore)!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've kinda got the flu (or at least, that's what I think it is), so uh, nothing major to update about.

I was tinkering around with the layout a day or two ago when I realised that I had to reupload the original CSS/HTML file again since the rounded corner thing has actually screwed the layout up a bit and it's really hard to find out where to take it down from. (I tried. Blogger told me I was missing a div layer section. I can't find the div layer section.) I have a vague idea (but my brain is so slow today and yesterday that nothing is incredibly clear) of what I may do for a new banner (because I really don't care for the current one). (Yes, I spend far too much time focussing on this, I really do. I just want to make a decent layout that's not eye-searing. D: And once I figure out something, I will shut up about it. I swear.)

Also - I shall soon have swatches of Hi-Fi Cosmetics's Nightmare collection, since I just got the sample set today! (I already love Spookshow and Lords of Salem and I haven't even used them yet.) But maybe when I'm not aching with the flu and everything hurts to move. I think I have another book review nearly done, so maybe that'll be up in the next couple of days.

/done babbling about nothing at all

Sunday, October 10, 2010

EOTD: Happy Thanksgiving. :D

Yeah, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada. i.e. we eat a lot of turkey and have to put up with immediate family. I'm kinda sick, so it's a weird sort of day for me.

But I did get a good image of my eye makeups for the day! (Even though I had something of a blending fail on it...)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics swatches!

Oh, these. You don't want to see what my first attempt with making these swatches were (hint: it involved long lines of UDPP Eden. Apparently, that looks really yellow on the back of my hand, which is weird because it looks nothing like that on my lids. I don't know.)

Anyway, these are swatches of the five Hi-Fi shadows I bought during the summer (plus the two samples that were included). If you ever needed any proof that I really really really like greens, reds and pinks, and metallics, this would be it. That's all it is. Heh.

Morgana Cryptoria swatches!

I swear I am the messiest swatcher ever. xP

Anyway, these are swatches of the samples by Morgana Cryptoria (formerly known as Morgana's Minerals) that I bought about a month back or so. It took me a while to get around to doing so, even though I've been meaning to do this for a very long time. There were a lot of colours that didn't want to co-operate with my camera. :/

Saturday, October 2, 2010

So. Many. Hallowe'en. Collections.

So, with the launch of Meow's Hallowe'en collections (4 directly related to Hallowe'en, 2 that seem to go a bit longer), I figured I should list the ones that I know of.

Uh. I think that's all. ._. (Oh, and Aromaleigh's got three limited edition collections out that as far as I know have nothing to do with Hallowe'en. Might want to check them out, American visitors. I can't order from them anymore. Curses, international suspension!)

So far, I've ordered from Hi-Fi Cosmetics (sample pack of the Nightmare 2010 eyeshadows), OHWTO (three solid perfumes - Coven, Pumpkin Eater, and Calaveras. I already have them, they smell amazing), Meow (two from the Alien Abduction collection, two from the Dance of Death line) and Haus of Gloi (only got one of the LE lipbalms, since the ones available for soap didn't quite strike me as something I'd like for soap). I'm planning on getting a couple of shadows from Morgana's Cryptoria and Fyrinnae, and maybe something from the not-really-Hallowe'en collections from Meow. I was going to get something from Evil Shades, and then I noticed that you can't get any of them seperately, and I really just wanted two, maybe three of the shadows, so no go on that.

My monies. Where are they going? ._. Why am I so distracted by the shinies and sparklies? And then I remember all of the upcoming Christmas/Yule collections, and then I start making D: faces, because I'm going to want a ton of those too.

(Information from Phyrra, Painted, Gothique, and Eyeconic. Thanks for the links! :D)