Wednesday, October 13, 2010


(... I had to. I'm sorry. I know some of you are just like me and wanted to throw your boomerang at Navi when she started that in Ocarina of Time.)

Just found out that Shiro Cosmetics is releasing a Legend of Zelda collection. Seriously. I've been meaning to check them out because of the fact that - hey, Pokemon-inspired colours (SoulSilver and Diamond have been my favourite games as of recently)! Just hadn't managed to figure out all of the shades I wanted to try. But this? I most definitely have to get these. HAVE TO. I think my main colours I want to try (as of right now) are Ganondorf, Kokiri Forest, Master Sword, and Hearts. This will probably change. And possibly get longer. Okay, I want most of it but I'm trying to narrow it down at the moment. Heh.

And now I want to restart my game of Phantom Hourglass (it's been a long time I played that and I don't remember where I was anymore)!

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