Sunday, October 24, 2010

Posts to come!

Posts to come in the next week or two weeks or so:
  • Fyrinnae swatches! (I have this about half done, so... you know.)

  • Book review of Mercedes Lackey's The Faerie Godmother!

  • If Canada Post ever gets my more recent stuff to me (they seem to be stupidly slow this last week), swatches of four Meow eyeshadows (I bought two from Alien Abduction, and two from Dance of Death), and a mini-review on Haus of Gloi

  • One Hand Washes the Other Fall/Hallowe'en scent review!

  • Lethal Lather review!

  • Perhaps a NaNoWriMo post? Since I'm doing that this year (just like every year for the last eight...)

So. Yeah. I have stuff planned. I think.
(I should make this a regular thing, because if not, I'm going to forget what I was planning on doing.)


  1. YEEEAH WriMo power! What's your genre?

  2. @thecandiedmango: Time-travel sci-fi! :D What about yours?