Saturday, October 2, 2010

So. Many. Hallowe'en. Collections.

So, with the launch of Meow's Hallowe'en collections (4 directly related to Hallowe'en, 2 that seem to go a bit longer), I figured I should list the ones that I know of.

Uh. I think that's all. ._. (Oh, and Aromaleigh's got three limited edition collections out that as far as I know have nothing to do with Hallowe'en. Might want to check them out, American visitors. I can't order from them anymore. Curses, international suspension!)

So far, I've ordered from Hi-Fi Cosmetics (sample pack of the Nightmare 2010 eyeshadows), OHWTO (three solid perfumes - Coven, Pumpkin Eater, and Calaveras. I already have them, they smell amazing), Meow (two from the Alien Abduction collection, two from the Dance of Death line) and Haus of Gloi (only got one of the LE lipbalms, since the ones available for soap didn't quite strike me as something I'd like for soap). I'm planning on getting a couple of shadows from Morgana's Cryptoria and Fyrinnae, and maybe something from the not-really-Hallowe'en collections from Meow. I was going to get something from Evil Shades, and then I noticed that you can't get any of them seperately, and I really just wanted two, maybe three of the shadows, so no go on that.

My monies. Where are they going? ._. Why am I so distracted by the shinies and sparklies? And then I remember all of the upcoming Christmas/Yule collections, and then I start making D: faces, because I'm going to want a ton of those too.

(Information from Phyrra, Painted, Gothique, and Eyeconic. Thanks for the links! :D)

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