Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haus of Gloi mini-review!

This will just be a mini-review, because I don't have that much to review. I got a soap (Madcap Garden), two perfume oil samples (one I bought - Elevenses, and one that was included free - Moon Dog), and a limited release lip balm (in Bloody Marshmallow).

I haven't used the soap yet, so I can't review anything on that. But the lip balm. I like it. I'm not precisely a lip balm conniseur or anything, but I do have quite a bit of it (everywhere, actually). It's a little bit grainy right out of the tube, but it melts superquick and you can't feel it on your lips. It also soaks in quick as well. The scent I got was Bloody Marshmallow - and it smells exactly like homemade marshmallows. Not sickeningly sweet, but just sugary and fluffiness, the way that a good marshmallow should smell.

The two perfume oil samples - it's kinda funny that I got sent Moon Dog, because that was the other scent that I was debating getting for soap and decided to not get for now. Ha. Weird, that. Anyway. Elevenses ("What about second breakfast? Elevenses?") is pretty much exactly as it's described - like a treat of tea and citrusy-flavoured biscuits, and the almond note comes out strong (so, uh, if you really don't like almonds, don't get this one). Once it warms up, the tea scent comes out, with something that smells like baked goods following it. Moon Dog smells like mild coconut and a bit of something musky, and a bit of something watery (and I love the mythological reference in the name!), and once it warms up, I smell the clove and nutmeg - a strange sort of combination, but it totally works (I just checked, and the notes should be sandalwood, coconut, clove and nutmeg. I don't know where I'm getting the ozone-y water smell, but I smell it for some reason).

Madcap Garden smells like all my favourite kinds of tea (well, not so much on the chamomile, but everything else - peppermint and black tea? Yes), and the soap itself has golden shimmery stuff on it (you can kinda see it in the picture). :D It's really really pretty.

So, yeah! I like Haus of Gloi. :D I shall definitely be buying again from them in the future!


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't ordered from House of Gloi, but have thought about it. The Bloody Marshmallow sounds awesome! I have have lip balm everywhere too! Don't ever want to be without some! :)

  2. QWAAAT I need that lip balm! I just checked their site and it is naught to be found. I didn't even know they ever had lip balms.

  3. @ The Peach: Their stuff is wonderful, you should check it out!

    @ Heather: Yeah, it was a very short-lived part of their Hallowe'en/Samhain stuff (I think it was completely sold out about three or four days after I ordered). Maybe they'll bring it back for future seasonal collections - it's really nice stuff!