Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Hand Washes the Other review!

Okay, so I love Hallowe'en. Which is kinda funny because I never actually do anything for it. Seriously. I don't. I don't dress up (beyond wearing more obnoxious eye makeup than I regularly do - and I didn't even get to do that this year because I was too busy focussing on my midterm exam). I don't go anywhere. I never decorate. On the other hand, I can get cute skull and bat and black cat things for fairly cheap and I can stock up on black candles, so, you know. There's some good things in there. (It also doesn't help with the Christmas creep - come on, stores, give the other holidays their day in the sun!)

Anyway, so I heard about OHWTO's Hallowe'en scents and um. After reading the descriptions, I just had to get a few of them. One of the ones I wanted took a while to get back in the shop, so I ended up waiting about two weeks just to order them.
I got: Coven, Calaveras, and Pumpkin Eater (I believe these scents are still in OHWTO's shop, but not for much longer!).

There were also three free samples thrown in: Choco Pumpkin, Pomengranate, and Juniper Sage. And there were Hallowe'en stickers and little plastic creepy crawlies in the envelope (I would've included them in the picture, but I seem to have misplaced the envelope)! :D

(Here comes my weird sort of scent descriptions.)

Coven: Because of this, I discovered that I needed much more incense-y perfumes in my life. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. It seriously does smell like a bundle of mixed incense sticks, with a little bit of smokiness to it. On first smell, it's kinda... churchy, but it quickly shifts from churchy to witchy. It also starts off strong and stays strong (unlike the other two, which are mild to begin with and then warm up). There's also a bit of something cinnamon-y in there too.

Calaveras: This comes out as a spicy-sweet rose scent on me - kinda chai-ish with roses. The rose scent isn't so strong in the tube, but it really comes out when I wear it. (I actually like rose scents quite a bit, but it's always hard to find one that isn't old-lady-rose scent - some of you will know what I'm talking about. This most definitely is not that sort of rose scent.)

Pumpkin Eater: This one could probably be considered a bit more masculine, probably because of the patchouli in it. But it's not a hippie sort of patchouli. "Earthy" is very accurate. Very sort of "out in the middle of the night, stomping around on wet leaves with smooshed pumpkin nearby". In a good way.

Choco Pumpkin: Basically exactly what it sounds like - like cocoa and pumpkin (for some reason, it's more of a cocoa than a chocolate smell to me - I think I tend to associate most chocolate scents as fairly sweet, and cocoa as not as sweet, and this isn't as sweet, so let's go with cocoa).

Pomegranate: Pomegranates are one of my absolute favourite fruits (and in fall, I try to stock up on them as much as I can because they keep for so long). This smells like pomengranates that are surrounded by some flowers - I can't quite place the sort of floral scent, but it's like that. You can smell the pomengranate note well enough, but there's a very strong floral note to it too.

Juniper Sage: This was a weird one, because I smelled it and I thought Christmas. For some reason, half of our Christmas decorations smell exactly like this (I don't know why, they just do). So, to me, this is a wintry sort of fragrance. I'll actually probably wear the sample more closer to Christmas because of the weird memory connection to it, but it is pleasant - like pine needles and outdoorsy-ness.

I also love the solid perfume format. I don't really need to worry about the containers breaking along its postal route and spilling everywhere, and it's just more durable.

Wear time for me was about six hours or so for all of these, which is fantastic.

As of right now, the only reason keeping me from buying more stuff from OHWTO is uh... I can't choose what I want. Ha. Too many choices. And I'm waiting for the winter/Yule fragrances, too - don't even know what they are yet, but I imagine they'll be wonderful, considering the fall ones.

One Hand Washes the Other can be found on either Artfire or Etsy. :D

... wow. I can babble a lot. o_o


  1. A great order from OHWTO! Glad you found stuff you like! And I'm so with you on the Christmas stuff creeping up in the stores already. Come on, wait until closer to Thanksgiving at least!

  2. @ The Peach: We don't even have the "wait for Thanksgiving" excuse up here in Canadaland. ._. I mean, I sorta get why the stores do it - they get shipped all this stuff and they have to put it somewhere - but it doesn't make it any less weird to see Christmas decorations next to the Hallowe'en ones.

    And yeah, the OHWTO stuff is fantastic! :D