Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Lethal Lather

I first heard about Lethal Lather from Eyeconic Makeup, and as LL offers a little sample set ($2.50 for three mini-bars of soap), I decided to try them out. All of their products have names that are on the morbid side (hello, creepiest forest in the world!), but they're actually quite pleasant products.

I picked the following scents: Aokigahara, Anetzi, and Mata Hari. The samples aren't that big - the site says that they're about the size of a hotel bar of soap, but you can get a few washes out of them.

Anetzi is a bright light green coloured soap, that smells of a mix of eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, and other... bright smells. It is also fantastic for post-workout showers and when you're sick (seriously. It helps to clear the sinuses. It's kinda awesome. I loved it when I had the flu). Actually, it kinda reminds me of a nice version of Head and Shoulders (which... I use, so, you know, not an insult there). I mean that in the best way possible. I swear.

Aokigahara smells rather greenhouse-y, with lots of watery, planty scents to it. It's also bright blue. (And I shall warn you that the blue bleeds a little, but it rinses off easily enough with no staining. So you may find bits of your shower surfaces dotted in blue, but it comes off.) It smells rather "clean" though. And like a greenhouse.

Mata Hari is a dusty rose colour. At first smell, I thought it was rather spicy-floral, but now that I've used it, it... well, it reminds me of Christmas hard candies (you know, the ones that are like sweet cinnamon-flavoured and come in a little tub and they stick together and it's a pain to seperate them but they're nice sometimes? Those?). Almost exactly that. Not that I mind, it just took me a while to remember what it smelled like.

All of the ones I've used have the same sort of moisturizing soap feel, and there's no sticky feeling like some soaps can have. The scent doesn't last for very long (I'm personally okay with this, because well, sometimes soap scents layering with other scents don't always work well) post-shower - except for Mata Hari. I smell faintly of Christmas candy for a few hours afterwards.

Shipping was also superquick (it was shipped the day after I ordered), and shipping prices are reasonable.


Now back to writing. I am behiiiiiiiiiind in NaNoWriMo, oh noes!


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't tried Lethal Lather yet, I may have to check them out!

  2. I think Anezti and Mata Hari are the only ones I haven't tried... I'm so glad there are solid perfumes now too ^_^

  3. @ The Peach: LL's stuff is great for no-frills soap with unique scents. :D

    @ Heather: I really love Anetzi, I'm planning on getting a full-size bar. I noticed the solid perfumes the last time I checked the shop! :D That's kinda awesome.