Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fyrinnae swatches!

Fyrinnae. One of the most beloved little indie makeup shops out there - and with good reason. Their products are awesome, their customer service is awesome, and they are all around awesome. The end. I love them. These are swatches of my first two orders (haven't made a third yet, will most likely be doing so in the new year, though). Some of these aren't available anymore, though. :/

Avenging Salem: Matte black with red sparkles. No longer available, as far as I can tell. (I think Shiro's Ganondorf is rather similar, though.) Yes. There's sparkles there. I swear.
Steampunk: Brassy brown that turns charcoal when applied wet (which this was, and you can see how it's more charcoal than brown here.)
Digital Faerie: Bright shimmery sky blue, leans a bit greenish. (And I totally bought this one because of the fact that it looks just like the Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver light.)
Evocation: One of the Arcane Magic shades, taupe with a colour-shifting highlight that goes from pink to green. (In the light that I took this, it's more pink here.)
Sugar Skulls*: Candy medium pink with orange sparkles.
Kamikaze: Bright sparkly red. (Yes, there's sparkles there. My camera hates me.)
Soot: Matte charcoal grey. (No longer available, Ashes looks like a lighter version of it that leans more brown, though.)


Shinigami*: Deep purple with blue and reddish sparkles.
Koala: Satin rose-taupe. (Also, my favouritest neutral EVAR.)
Sennyo: Bright purple with sparkles, leans kinda pinkish.
Japan: Very deep teal, almost black, but not actually black, with shimmer. (Just checked - no longer seems to be available.)
Boytoy: Super-sparkly medium green.
Lust Bunnies: Very orange shimmery copper.
Velvet Vampire: Sparkly pink/red/red plum (as in the colour of the fruit, I mean)/red orange. Another one of the Arcane Magic shades. (I have nicknamed this "Fyrinnae's gift to blue-eyed people", because it's one of those shades that works so phenomenally with that eye colour.)

Visual Kei: Bright bright candy pink.
Trickster: slightly less bright than VK, but with a blue cast.
Romantique: semi-sheer golden-pink.
Pink Guitar: Medium pink with a bit of shimmer. (My tube was a bit cold, which is why it looks a little gloppy.)
Titania: Satin very light pink with a blue cast.
Nijiro: Very light ivory with rainbow sparklies!
(And weirdly, most of those lip lustres look the same colour. They're not in real life!)

* - free samples that were included in my orders

All swatches done either wet or over Pixie Epoxy. Have finally seen the original photos on a different monitor and they look fine, so I'm swapping those in.


  1. Great swatches! Love Fyrinnae! They have so many amazing colors!

  2. I swear I'll try Fyrinnae one day :( I'm kinda holding off because I know if I try them I'll become addicted XD

  3. Love the swatches. I really want to order from them now, but I just submitted a custom request to GeekChic and I'll probably have to hold off for another month.

    @SilhouetteScreams: you will most definitely become addicted. Be strong!