Friday, December 3, 2010

*reappears out of nowhere*

Sorry, lovely readers, I've been away for the last couple of weeks. I was busy finishing up my assigned work for my course (and before that, finishing up NaNoWriMo - I completed the 50k, despite not really being into the story after a while). End of the year madness, of course, but now I only have to wait until my final exam is announced and I've got more free time again! And I need to reply to your comments sometime today!

(Also, is it really weird that I'm kinda already trying to figure out what my Christmas makeup looks are going to be? Even though it's not for a few more weeks...?)

  • Swatches! Fyrinnae (finally. Took me long enough), Meow Hallowe'en 2010, and Hi-Fi's Art Saves!

  • Book reviews! Simon R. Green's Agents of Light and Darkness, Jim Butcher's Fool Moon, Mercedes Lackey's The Faerie Godmother, and probably a few more besides. (... writing reviews of new releases? What is this nonsense? Heh.)

  • Uh. Whatever else I think of? I don't know yet.


  1. I just realized that I never responded to your earlier comment about NaNo (back in October *shame*) My genre is usually a blend of adventure, sci-fi and steampunk with a dash of romance thrown in as subplots.
    How did you do this year? Win? Epic win?

  2. I'm interested to see how you liked Fool Moon. I personally didn't like it as much as Storm Front, but I didn't hate it. :)

  3. @ thecandiedmango: I did pretty well! A bit over 50k, though the NaNoWriMo counter somehow calculated it even higher at 52k. ._. (I think it included all of my scene dividers, too.) Not bad for the fact that I basically stopped caring about my story after the first week. How'd you do? :D

    @ SilhouetteScreams: Out of the entire series, I find Fool Moon the most forgettable (it also didn't help that I read it way out of order than the rest of the series, because I couldn't find it in a bookstore for the longest while). I mean, it's decent enough (I haven't yet read a Dresden Files book that's disappointed me), but I just don't remember most of what goes on in it. xP

  4. Carla: Huzzah for winning! Now for the big question: is the story finished, or did 52k only cover the first half of your plot?

    I did okay; this was my first NaNo win after last November's epically epic fail. I don't know how I pulled it out of my butt, because I didn't really write until midway through the second week, probably because I was tired of the story after outlining so much. Once the newness of a story wears off it's so hard to keep goin.

  5. This is true, I remember thinking the Loup Garou was scary as fuck but was just waiting for him to kill it. I remember the scene in the garage and then in the garden of the estate for ages. :X

  6. @ thecandiedmango: I actually finished it! I nearly ran out of story by around 47k, and had to really push through the ending, which kinda sucked.

    Yay for your NaNo win! :D

    @ SilhoutteScreams: All I remember is Murphy being badass. ._. This is why I really need to reread it before I attempt to write the review for it. xP