Thursday, January 6, 2011

First post of the new year! Also, swatches.

Hello! Yeah, I know, I've been missing for a few weeks. It was a mix of too much social interaction, too much stuff to do, and my cat being sick. But that's over with (and my cat is better - she went to the vet and she's back to her energetic little self again) now, hooray. I always find the holidays really really overwhelming. Eurgh.

In any case, I've got some swatches for you! Meow's Xmas collection. Well, the five shades that I picked up. They finally arrived in the mail (our mail was actually delayed for about a week because of the weather - it was too windy for the trucks to get on the ferries and travel across to the province. Oh, hooray) a couple of days ago. They're very very pretty, I do have to admit, and I am not disappointed by any of them.

Present: Swatch totally doesn't do it justice - it's a gorgeous silvery/pink/pewter shade. (from the Scary Ghost Stories collection)
Spruce: army green with goldish sparkle (from the Xmas Trees collection)
Jingle: deep wine red with lots of sparkle (from the Merry Mayhem collection)
Mirth: metallic pewter/grey. (from the Holiday Wishes collection)
Hot Toddy: metallic medium rummy brown (from the Holiday Spirits collection)

All swatches done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

As these are all part of the holiday collection, they're currently not available - but like all Meow limited edition collections, it'll probably pop up later on in the year, I'm guessing probably November like last year.

I'm going to try to update this blog more, since I apparently am terrible at remembering. I have some stuff lined up, I just need to figure out how to schedule and/or finish them. :D

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