Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Hand Washes the Other holiday scents!

You see that little penguin eraser? My cat loves playing with it. I have to hide it from her. Silly kitty.

Yes, this is late. Because I have no sense of time. And more of my completely unhelpful scent descriptions! 8D

Please note that the notes I notice are just what comes through on me. It'll be different for everyone, because that's the way perfume oils are - they mix differently with each person's chemistry.

Chestnuts Roasting: Kinda smells like a cookie. A vanilla cookie, with a bit more depth to it. But definitely a cookie. It's sweet and smells like you just wandered into the kitchen when someone is baking sugar cookies or something along those lines. I can just detect the rum note in there, but it takes a little while to show up. It's sweet and homey, and just a cute scent.

Ghost of Christmas Past: Admittedly, I bought this because of the Christmas Carol reference (A Christmas Carol is by far my favourite Christmas-y thing ever), but it's a lovely fragrance - very sort of a cold lilies, like someone bought a boquet of flowers but left them outside in the snow and the scent froze (I... don't think scents can actually freeze, but let's just go with that description). I can't quite tell what the other floral notes are, but there's definitely others (I'm just more familiar with lilies, and that's what I notice the most.

Peppermint Cocoa: This smells exactly like some tea I have (Mint Chocolate tea from Britannia Teas, by the way). Exactly. (Yes, I like it, it was just funny to find that the two scents were identical.) Mint and cocoa, and that's about it.

And A Patridge in a Pear Tree*: I really love this one - it's a bright cheerful pear scent with a bit of something green to it. This could easily be a year-round sort of scent. It's fruity, and very true to a real pear scent. Not sickly sweet. I wear it multiple times a week.

Yuzu*: Somewhat similar to AAPIAPT, in that it's also a bright cheerful fruity scent (so if you don't manage to get the limited edition one, you could get this one instead). I don't really know what a real yuzu actually smells like (I've never encountered one), so I have no idea if this is true to life or not.

Balsam Apple*: er. Pine trees and apples. Kinda self-explanatory. Considering it's a pine scent, and I tend to find pine-y scents kinda... too outdoorsy, if that makes any sense, I actually quite like it. There's also a touch of other fruity notes in there, but they kinda disappear on me.

Wear time is about the same as the previous order - approximately six hours. Again, this would probably be different mattering on the person.

These are still available at One Hand Washes the Other, but only until the end of January. I think they're about $3.50 CAN each. The list with all of the scent notes are here

* indicates sample. Totally wasn't expecting the fullsize of A Patridge in a Pear Tree, though. Thanks again, Becca! :D

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