Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty from the Earth swatches!

So, a few weeks back, Beauty from the Earth had a Try BftE sale for a weekend, where one could get four samples and one full-size for like... $10 or so. I found out about it from some of the people on Twitter, and decided to go for it.

My five choices were Pinked (a blush) and the shadows Very Vanilla, Sweet 'n' Spicy, Whimsey, and Big Ego.

I'm trying out the "neutral lighting" setting on my camera, please tell me if it looks absolutely awful. It doesn't look as yellow as it used to, but my computer's monitor could be wrong. There's actually no level-messing-around-with on this photo, so it does look a touch dull, but I just wanted to see how it would actually look by itself.

Pinked: a light, nearly-matte baby pink with a hint of sparkle.
Sweet 'n' Spicy: a pink (I was expecting it to be more of an orangy-coral and much brighter, because that's how it looks on the site) with an almost metallic finish.
Big Ego: a deep purple with a hint of black. Shimmery.
Whimsey: Don't know why it looks gold in this picture, it's more of a sparkly brassy bronze in real life and super pretty.
Very Vanilla: matte off-white. It's on a black base because otherwise, you would not be able to see it. Apparently, it's almost exactly the colour of my skin. This was also my full-size shadow.

Very Vanilla was swatched over Quo's Cream Liner in Black Velvet, the other three shadows were over Pixie Epoxy, and Pinked was dry (but a kinda heavy application).

I haven't had a chance to actually use these, but I sorta like the fact that Very Vanilla is so close to my skin's colour. It may not be the most exciting colour ever, but it's probably one of the more useful, at least for making looks appear more neat and not messy. :D

I also like Whimsey and Pinked (I probably will get full-sizes of both, unless Pinked looks horribly off on my face, but so far it looks to be a good shade for me), but I think I may have dupes for Big Ego and Sweet 'n' Spicy already. :/ Alas.

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