Friday, March 25, 2011

EOTD: You never notice how much you miss your m key...

Until the day it stops working. Yeah. Part of my keyboard died earlier the week, so I spent a few days making more typos than I usually do. Made me not want to write a thing until I could finally replace it (which I did yesterday).

Anyway. Hey, look, it's a few pictures of my disembodied eye. :D I'm rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy, and I saw C-3PO and was like, "I should do something gold! :D :D". And then this happened. Oh dear.

Used in this look:
L'Oreal e/s - Lush Raven (in the crease and outer v)
Covergirl e/s - Golden Sunrise (lid)
From left to right, bottom row:
Silk Naturals e/s - Caliber (lid)
Silk Naturals e/s - Scout (crease, outer v)
Silk Natural e/s - Restless (just a touch on the inner v and on the browbone with a fluffy brush)
Morgana Cryptoria e/s - Buried Treasure (just a bit on the middle of the lid)

Not pictured:
Maybelline Colossal Volum' mascara in Glam Black
The Body Shop Brow Kit in 02
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

I didn't do the rest of my face because I'm just hanging around the house today - even skipped the undereye concealer (and I'm actually surprised that in these shots I don't look that panda-eyed, because my undereye shadows are a deep purple/blue and have been since I was a little thing, and they're barely visible here).

... no, my camera didn't wash out the colours. Golden Sunrise basically insta-faded and took everything I put on top of it with it and then started to migrate up and crease (this was taken about half an hour after I put it on). ._. With all of those shadows, only two are actually visible (Lush Raven and Scout) That's... new. I usually get excellent wear from the SN shadows, so I found this a little disconcerting.

Golden Sunrise is basically my oldest shadow - I think I bought it when I was fifteen (and I'm twenty-four now). I somehow remember it working better than that, but that was long before I discovered mineral makeup, and I have nicer golds and oranges now, but I dug that one out just because it's been so long since I used it last. Sorry, Golden Sunrise, but you may get tossed soon.

Also, Lush Raven looks barely used, because it is. Heh. I decided I needed to start using it before I go and buy Sugarpill's Bulletproof because well, I may as well make sure I actually use black eyeshadow before spending more money on stuff I may not use. It's more of a deep charcoal grey than a black though.

Also - it's snowing today. Augh. Wearing Arcana's Shiver perfume oil felt fitting for a day like today.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Um. Hi?

Remember me? I used to blog here, and randomly stopped last month. Uh. Yeah. Long story short, stuff happened. And I'm supposed to be job searching, and I've done a horrid job at doing so.

Anyway - I haven't abandoned this blog! Actually, it's in need of a new layout, I think. This current one's a bit dark for my liking. I'm thinking of maybe soft light orange, pink/coral, and white (with black or dark grey for text), but it's going to take me a while to maneuver around Blogger's code, so it's going to be a while before a new layout is up. But that is coming.

And new posts!
- Swatches of Silk Naturals' UD Naked Palette dupes
- some Hi-Fi shadows
- NYX round lipstick swatches
- Morgana Cryptoria swatches
- I am supposed to be on a no/low-buy (did I ever mention that my makeup collection tripled within the year that I discovered MMU? Yeaaaaaaah. That's why. I need to sort out what it is that I really use and like, and pretty much only buy the must-haves, and new tubes of mascara for a while), and I barely use what I have. So I'm thinking of doing something like what's going on at Painted Ladies with their 365 Days of Eyeshadow. Maybe that'll give me some reason to actually wear some of the shadows I have - I need to take pictures for the blog!
- My sad attempts at trying to review Arcana perfume oils and BPAL perfume oils
- book reviews are eventually coming because I want to natter on about books. However, I just spent a month unable to do anything and even finishing a single book took me a week (it was about the length of a category romance. Those things usually take me less than an hour), so again, I'm still trying to get back into actually reading, let alone babbling about stuff in the books.
- Kindle review!
- Stuff. Other stuff. I can't think of precisely what right now, but there are other stuff that I eventually get around to post.
- an About page. I really should do that. Like. Really.

But yeah. I haven't entirely disappeared, just... went quiet for a while. But I'm mostly back. I think.